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Supaa Gotenks zenkai by Nostal
Supaa Gotenks zenkai

A new restoration (damn, it's the first one I make since august 2014 ! o_O Time flies...)! The original comes from the Daizenshuu "TV Animation part 2".
The title means "Full power Super Gotenks" (it's an excerpt from DBZ's 258th episode name).

As Always, I uploaded a big .PNG file, so feel free to use the "download" button ^^

Hope you like it! ^^

Photoshop CS3
Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama/BirdStudio & Toei Animation
Original artwork: Tadayoshi Yamamuro.
Mira's serious bomb by Nostal
Mira's serious bomb
Ossu, mina !

I think I don't need to tell you I really like Mira, nor how delighted I was to see him back in Xenoverse. I've always loved his character design, and I'm fond of the ultimate attack that Dimps has created for him in Xenoverse. I decided to adapt it a little bit for this fanart. Here, he is using his left hand to create the ki ball (maybe because I'm left handed, lol), I also changed his hand (fist-->hand with tension) and didn't give him the inclination he has in the game. I wanted the result to look like a kind of "negative-genkidama" (the original one, when the energy was inside his hand). I also wanted a little change on the ki ball, so it looks like Freeza's death ball.

OK, I admit it, there are so many reinterpretations in this fanart that it's not the "Serious bomb" anymore ! XD

I decided to try something new, so the light of the ki ball shines on the character. I'm pretty glad of the result !

As always, you can use the "download" button if you want the HD version.

Hope you like it ! Matane, DB Fans ! :)


Photoshop CS3

Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama/BirdStudio & Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Online
™©Bandai Namco Entertainment
Dragon Ball Xenoverse™ developped by Dimps co. ltd ©Bandai Namco Entertainment
Do not use for any commercial purpose
Super Mira by Nostal
Super Mira
Ossu !

I have had a little free time this weekend, so I decided to make a fanart of the "Super" transformation of Mira, from Dragon Ball Heroes : God Mission 4 ! I've always loved this character since I discovered him in Dragon Ball Online. I'm so happy Bandai Namco took him out of the drawer for Xenoverse and Heroes ! I really hope this transformation won't remain a DBH exclusive, and that they will use it for the Xenoverse sequel. There is potential for an epic battle !

Matane !


Photoshop CS3

Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama/BirdStudio & Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Heroes™ developped by Dimps co. ltd ©Bandai Namco Entertainment
Do not use for any commercial purpose
Jaco's desired picture by Nostal
Jaco's desired picture
Ossu ! ^_^

Yes, I'm still alive, lol ! It's just I don't have enough time left to draw as much as I'd like.

Almost 3 weeks ago, me and my wife watched "Fukkatsu no F" at a French advanced showing. We laughed really hard when we have discoved that scene where Jaco wants a picture with Beerus-sama! When we went out of the cinema, I realized that he still didn't have his picture with the God of destruction, and that's how the impulsion came ! And when you have this kind of impulsion, even if you don't have time: you TAKE time by force ! XD

I finished the lineart on june 30th, then the Japan Expo started and I had to make my due to the J-Patrol's responsabilities (interviews, subtitles, video editing, etc...). That's why I have had to wait until tonight to take time and finish it.

There are so many unfinished drawings sleeping in my closets... There's even a fan manga project of Tsuru Sennin and Kame Sennin's training with Mutaito. Nevertheless, you have to make choices in life, and working to get a salary is obviously more important than making fanarts. That's how it is. As I already told you : don't grow up, it's a trap !! ^^

I hope you like this new piece, it was really fun to make !

Matane !

Photoshop CS3
Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama/BirdStudio & Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F © Dragon Ball Movie Comity
Do not use for any commercial purpose
Demigra by Nostal

Just a small fanart of Demigra, from Dragon Ball Xenoverse, that I just finished. I really like this new villain, his character design is great !


Photoshop CS3
Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama/BirdStudio & Toei Animation
Dragonball Xenoverse™ © Bandai Namco Entertainment 2015
Do not use for any commercial purpose

Once again, it's been a while! As I wrote on my latest deviation, I've just started a Dragon Ball videogame project. Some of you asked me some specific questions via the Deviant Art "Notes", this is why I decided to make a specific journal entry in order to answer all the questions! ^^

1/Will you also adapt the movies? What about the upcoming 2013 one?

My long term goal is to make a complete game, that adapts all the existing material. Then yes, I aim at having the complete story from the 42 mangas, + GT, + Movies, + TV Specials, + the 2 OAVs (Episode of Bardock and Jump Special).

2/ Will you adapt the fillers?

No, sorry I won't! The project is already big enough! XD

3/ Will I be able to play it on XBOX 360 or PS3?

The development software I'm using is totally adapted to create applications for PC. Though, I will take a further look later, because it can also adapt the game for XBOX 360 and Iphones/IPads. It would be more expensive for me, then I will see that point later.

4/ What will the content be like?

The game will be in 2D, with HD graphics. There will be several different gameplays:
-> 2D exploration and dialogues
-> RPG duels
-> Melee battles (1 vs 100)
-> Free Roam (exploration of the planets)
-> Mini games (Battle in the sky with Kinto-un, battles against giants, etc...)

5/ Will I be able to load/save the game?

No, sorry. It will be a small game made by a fan, nothing more. All the content of the game will be immediately accessible. This way, you will be able to start from every single chapter of the Dragon Ball story. :)

5/ Where can I get the game?

I just started the project in july 2012. Then for the moment: you can't get it, sorry! Though,I am working very hard on it each time I have a little free time! It takes a big lot of time to make, so please be patient! ^_^

Do not hesitate if you have any other question! See you around!!

Jeremy - Treevax/Nostal
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BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015
Hey, can you edit models of Budokai characters with those clothes?

  • Goku (Yadrat armor, Bulma's armor, GT clothes)
  • Gohan (Cell saga) (Orange GI)
  • Gohan (Buu saga) (Piccolo's GI)
  • Pan (Z clothes, GT clothes (no bandana), karate outfit)
  • Tenshinhan (Base chest, Cell games outfit)
  • Mark "Mr. Satan" ("Yo! Goku and his friends return" suit, Movie 9 clothes)
  • Videl (Battle of Gods clothes)
  • Bardock (DB- clothes, Battle damage armor, loincloth)
Nostal Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015
I'm not a modder, I don't know how to do it, sorry. :)
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015
I know that, i meant to just edit the existing character models into that
Nostal Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015
Oh, ok. Well, what would be the point ? What for ?
(1 Reply)
what do you thing of ?
Nostal Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
For a fanmade stuff, it's pretty impressive, even if I'm not fond of the graphic choice. I'm a die hard fan of the cel shading look. :)
LutschGabriel Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
they will have an option to choose between shaders, maybe someone will make a more anime-ish texture pack for the characters and with the right shader it might look good…
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
hey, if you can, can you do this? since dbh adds more characters can you draw an edit what if pumbukin, bido, si xing long and future gohan would look if they saw gotenks's ghost kamikaze attack?
silverhedgehog2009 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
what up ;)
Asuma17 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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