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Final Demigra (Dragon Ball Heroes fancard) by Nostal
Final Demigra (Dragon Ball Heroes fancard)
Ossu !

It's harder and harder to find time making fanarts! But I really like Demigra's latest transformation (which appears in Dragon Ball Heroes) and just NEEDED to make this ! ^^

Photoshop CC
Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama/BirdStudio & Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Heroes™ developped by Dimps co. ltd ©Bandai Namco Entertainment
Do not use for any commercial purpose
DBRB3 project - Free roam interface by Nostal
DBRB3 project - Free roam interface
DBRB3 project- Free roam interface

The "DBRB3 fanwish project" is a synthesis of fan wishes about the Dragon Ball games that I made in order to communicate with Namco Bandai's japanese producers and label director.

It has been shown to the complete team of producers on july 7th 2012, during a meeting in Villepinte, near Paris (France).

If you like the project and want it to become a true game one day, please join the Facebook page here:

Namco Bandai producers want us "ask insistingly enough", let's do it! ^_^

Photoshop CS3
DBRB3 Project - Character selection system by Nostal
DBRB3 Project - Character selection system
Fanmade specification book (We need your supports to convince Bandai Namco!)

The "DBRB3 fanwish project" is a synthesis of the global demand from the communities. I made it in order to communicate with Bandai Namco Games (Japan), to show them what we really want.

These sheets have already been given to NB's label director (Yasu Nishimura) on october 26th 2011, who has shown it during an international meeting with the producers in december 2011.

We also have been able to show and explain the project to the complete team of producers on july 7th 2012, during a meeting in the Japan Expo's backstage. They applaused the project.

"If fans are asking insistingly enough, we will consider making it." (Koji Nakajima, Bandai Namco Producer, july 2011)

We now need your support in order to convince them! We are already more than 24 000, let's show them what we want!!


February 24th 2016: update!

(Use the "download" button for the full size)

Treevax/Nostal 2014
Photoshop CS3

Once again, it's been a while! As I wrote on my latest deviation, I've just started a Dragon Ball videogame project. Some of you asked me some specific questions via the Deviant Art "Notes", this is why I decided to make a specific journal entry in order to answer all the questions! ^^

1/Will you also adapt the movies? What about the upcoming 2013 one?

My long term goal is to make a complete game, that adapts all the existing material. Then yes, I aim at having the complete story from the 42 mangas, + GT, + Movies, + TV Specials, + the 2 OAVs (Episode of Bardock and Jump Special).

2/ Will you adapt the fillers?

No, sorry I won't! The project is already big enough! XD

3/ Will I be able to play it on XBOX 360 or PS3?

The development software I'm using is totally adapted to create applications for PC. Though, I will take a further look later, because it can also adapt the game for XBOX 360 and Iphones/IPads. It would be more expensive for me, then I will see that point later.

4/ What will the content be like?

The game will be in 2D, with HD graphics. There will be several different gameplays:
-> 2D exploration and dialogues
-> RPG duels
-> Melee battles (1 vs 100)
-> Free Roam (exploration of the planets)
-> Mini games (Battle in the sky with Kinto-un, battles against giants, etc...)

5/ Will I be able to load/save the game?

No, sorry. It will be a small game made by a fan, nothing more. All the content of the game will be immediately accessible. This way, you will be able to start from every single chapter of the Dragon Ball story. :)

5/ Where can I get the game?

I just started the project in july 2012. Then for the moment: you can't get it, sorry! Though,I am working very hard on it each time I have a little free time! It takes a big lot of time to make, so please be patient! ^_^

Do not hesitate if you have any other question! See you around!!

Jeremy - Treevax/Nostal
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I had a dream about a portable RB3 game, but it was DB Fusions, RB and XV fused together, it had Kaioshin, Pan GT and Bardock SSJ3 (non Xeno) as unlockable characters (no DLC), it was made in 2015
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